My Jesus

He is the One that forever declares “I am the Alpha and the Omega! I once was dead but now I am alive forever and ever! And behold I hold the keys of death and hell!” Who is He? Jesus Christ! Son of the Living God!

The Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus is such a vast subject but absolutely essential for us as Christians to understand. Many churches no longer talk about the blood as they see it as irrelevant or offensive. But Paul said he chose to know nothing among the Corinthians but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Because of that there was a demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power. “For where the blood of Jesus is honoured in faith or in preaching, there the Holy Spirit works” (Andrew Murray 1828-1917).


Today I want to share with you some teaching on the subject of “fasting”. This is not a popular or contemporay subject and one that very few Christians in the west understand. Many times when we think about fasting we focus on the discipline and the hardship and the denial and we don’t realise the incredible power, joy, life and breakthrough that comes as we fast and pray.