When Jesus Enters The House….

In the gospels, Jesus ministered in many different locations from fields, to boats to synagogues. However on a number of occasions the Bible mentions that Jesus “entered the house”. Here are a few observations. (Please remember that Jesus does not change. When He enters our churches, families and lives, we can expect the same things to happen that took place when He “entered the house” 2000 years ago!)

1. When Jesus enters the house the sick are healed!
In Matthew 8 the Bible says that Jesus entered the house of Peter and with one touch of His hand, he healed her of her infirmity. That evening many sick people were brought to Him and they were all healed.
I firmly believe that Jesus Christ is still the healer! No sickness is too great, His power is the same today and His power is available to all. Sickness can not abide in the presence of Jesus! When Jesus truely enters the House people are going to recieve their healing, miracles are going to take place!

2. When Jesus enters the house needs are met
Mathew 17 tells the unsual story of Peter and Jesus needing to pay there temple tax. The Bible says that when they entered the house, Jesus instructed Peter to go fishing and when he did he would find in the mouth of the first fish they caught, enough money to pay both there taxes!
When Jesus enters the house He is going to meet every need. He is able to suppy all our needs! Whether small or great, Jesus comes to meet every need. All those who need a miracle, whether it be finances, a situation that needs changing or a breakthrough that they they long for, it’s all going to take place when Jesus enters the house! Men can come to church for many different reasons , but Jesus comes to church for one reason – to bless!

3. When Jesus enters the house the dead are raised!
In Mark 5, Jesus enters the house of Jairus who’s daughter is dead. She has no life, just a corpse lying there. But with one word this girl comes back to life! Why?! Jesus entered the house! The One who is the resurrection and the life entered the room and as He entered, death knew that its time was up! The moment Jesus entered the house, death had to leave! How can you have a dead church when a living Jesus is present?! Impossible! Perhaps, Jesus hasn’t really entered the house in many of our churches. When He does, get ready – the things in our lives that are dead – your dreams, your vision, your ministry – it’s going to be resurrected! Many Christians are dead inside, but when Jesus enters our lives, when He breathes by His Spirit, what was once dead, now becomes alive again!

4. When Jesus enters the house, people are attracted
“The people heard that He had come home. So many people gathered that there was no room left, not even outside the door!” (Mark 2v1-2)
This was the day that revival came to this house! Religion is not attractive. Church programmes and events, whilst entertaining and good, in themselves can not produce life. But when Jesus enters the house, when His presence invades a church, then the lost will come. Then the house will be filled! When Jesus turns up! The number one key to growing the local church – let Jesus enter the house! When He enters the house, the sick and needy will be brought, as the community soon hears that the presence and glory of Jesus has returned to our churches!

5. When Jesus enters the house, the things of man must leave!
In Luke 11, a man invited Jesus into his house, only to be upset after Jesus questioned this mans traditions. Many churches invite Jesus into their midst, but know that when Jesus shows up things are going to change. The same churchs that cry for revival every week, are often the first to complain when Jesus actuallys shows up! When Jesus turns up, He comes to take over, not to fit into our programmes and routines. People said of Jesus “We have never seen anything like this before!” Let me tell you that when Jesus shows up, church as we know it is going to change. There will be unusual manifistations, the format and times of our services will go out the window. That is why religious people hate it when Jesus shows up, and why many leaders limit the presence of Jesus, because they are no longer in control. But the result is always life, always blessing, always the transformation of lives.

So is Jesus really in our churches? In our lives? In our homes? We may say “yes” but does the fruit match up with the biblical fruit of when Jesus entered homes? If people aren’t being healed, if needs aren’t being met, if people aren’t attracted, if there is no resurrection power, if our routine is not messed up, then can I suggest that we are like the church in Revelation 3, where Jesus was stood outside the house waiting to get in!

God wants to enter our churches, He wants to enter our families, He wants to enter our lives. He wants to come in all His fullness. I don’t just want a taste, I don’t just want a little, I want Jesus, in all His fullness. “Jesus, I welcome You. Come invade our churches, invade our lives. Come in all Your presence and all Your glory. Have your way Lord Jesus!”

Remember that Jesus longs to be longed for. If He can find a church that is hungry enough He will come and not just visit them, but dwell with them. Let’s make room for the presence of Jesus, as we do, He will enter and revive us again!


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