To The King!

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

This is a simple verse but packed with awesome revelation about our God and who He is!

1. He is King!
Know today that Jesus reigns! Know that Jesus is King over every circumstance, every situation and every problem! Know that Jesus is in control! He has overcome, He is victorious, He is alive, He has ascended, He is on the throne! Our God is King!

2. He is eternal!
Our God is ageless – He always has been and always will be! He is the Alpha and the Omega! He never slumbers nor sleeps, He is never weary, He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! He is never in a bad mood! He is always loving, always kind, always good and always faithful!

3. He is immortal!
This speaks of His victory over death! How amazing that the immortal God would become a mortal man in the person of Jesus! That He died and was placed in a tomb! Yet this Man rose again! And now He is immortal – it was impossible for death to hold Him! He was the One who had complete mastery over death, the One who is the resurrection and the life! “Where O death is your sting?!” “Death has been swallowed up in victory!” And this same immortality is given to all those who recieve Jesus!

4. He is invisble!
No one can see God as He is Spirit. He is surrounded in clouds of thick darkness. And yet, the invisible God has made it possible for us to “see Him”
– we see Him in the wonder and beauty of creation
– we see Him in His Word that is powerful, alive and constantly speaking to us
– we see Him in miracles that are being performed around the world – the blind are seeing, the deaf hearing, the cripples walking and the dead being raised!
– we see Him in His church – ordinary people, being transformed by an amazing God!
– we see Him in Jesus – who is like Him in everyway – in His love, His grace and His power

5. He is the Only God!
The angels cry “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” – He is the set apart One, He is unique, He is beyond compare – He is the only One worthy of our praise, worship and adoration!

To this God we are told to give honour and glory! To honour means to respect, to value and to give worth to! To glory means to declare His fame, to praise, to adore, to admire, to ascribe splendour!

Today, look at this amazing God and acknowledge His beauty, His splendour, His magnificence and His eminence! Our God is an awesome God!

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