3 Things the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church

Recently I preached about 3 things I believe the Holy Spirit is re-empathising to the Church in this season:

1. Seeing the church as “family”

Making the table the centre of the church. Church moving away from organisation and return to the intimacy of family.

Churches led by fathers and mothers not CEO’s. Brothers and sisters I am in community with, not strangers in rows

2. A sound being released from the body

As the worship movement has been given a higher profile over the past 20 years, the sound from the stage has grown louder but the sound from the body has grown quieter.

Churches no longer know how to worship unless singing through a song list.

God is wanting to quieten the sound from the stage and and release a sound from the body – congregations leading singing, singing in tongues, spontaneous songs from the crowd. The bride releasing her sound

3. A fresh focus on the person of Jesus

The last 10 years we have focused on ourselves – a much needed revelation of our identity and purpose. This will no longer be the focus as Holy Spirit firmly puts the spotlight back on Jesus. Sing about Him, preach about Him. The beauty, power, holiness, majesty of Jesus Christ


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