Prophetic Word over Children’s and Youth Ministries

On 11th January 2007, for several hours I encountered the glory of God. As I did, I grabbed a pen and paper and God began to download words of prophecy over a future revival He would send among young people. For the next couple of years I shared this word with my friends and those within the ministry context I was involved in at the time. For the past 7 or 8 years I have not really thought of it too much, almost like the word has remained dormant in my spirit. Finally, now in 2018 I feel a release to share this word publically with the wider body of Christ. 

May God’s Spirit bring witness as you read.
Andrew Murray (Generation Builders)

My power and glory is going to invade youth and children’s ministries, so much so that they will no longer be known as just “youth meetings” or “children’s church”, but revival hubs, places of encounter.

Young people will not come for games, activities or social events but purely for the fire of God’s Spirit.

People will walk into youth meetings and children’s services who have never been to church before and ask “what must I do to be saved?”

Young people will beg for the meetings not to finish. Others will leave and come back, bringing their friends, mothers and fathers and grandparents.

The fire of God will be so tangible in these services. There will be all youth meetings that will transition into all night prayer meetings.

There will be no break between youth meetings and the main church services, the youth meetings will simply run into the Sunday morning church gathering. As soon as church members enter the building, even those who have only ever known religion will be touched by the fire of God.

Parents, school teachers and local reporters will flock to these gatherings. Some out of curiosity, some out of concern and some out of anger. But just as when King Saul and his men came to kill David, the power of God shall fall on them and they shall be overwhelmed by the Spirit.

The lame will be brought in wheelchairs by the unsaved and they will say “we have heard that the God of miracles is in this place!” There will be an outbreak of signs and wonders and the healing power of God.

In those days the power of God will be so strong that men and women will get up to speak the word of God and as soon as they open their mouths large groups of people will be overwhelmed and fall under the power of the Spirit of God.

Parents will bring their children who are addicted to drugs and they will leave set free. Children will bring their alcoholic parents and they will be set free. People will travel great distances to see these things.

Young people will go directly from the meetings to their school and as they enter their classroom the glory of God will be strong that teachers will break down weeping under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Men who have taught evolution and atheism in public, will in public beg for forgiveness as they admit that they were wrong.

This will be a faceless revival, carried by young people – children and teenagers with pure hearts and a simple faith, unadulterated by the religion of the previous generations. Young people full of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

For a season, the baptismal tank will remain open on a daily basis as whole families go through the waters at the same time.

The carriers of this revival will be so full of the fire that they will enter shops and supermarkets and people will weep under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Miracles, signs and wonders will take place in public – in shops, on the streets and as children play with their friends in parks and at sports games.

The behaviour of some so called “troubled” young people will change so drastically that head teachers of schools and government officials will come seeking answers as did the Queen of Sheba. This will open up doors of influence for my Church on a governmental level as youth and children’s pastors are called in to help solve social problems on a national scale.

This will be a time when God’s grace and mercy are shown to many. However, this will also be a time of great persecution. Many from outside the church and inside the church will display their wrath and anger at what God is doing. However, press on. Do not give in. His judgement will be sure and His retribution swift. “I cannot be mocked says the Lord God of Hosts”.

In those days the servants of God will possess such an authority that the mouths of the critics, cynics and opponents will be silenced and there will be no doubt that something divine and supernatural is taking place.

The wrath of many will be so fierce that you will feel shaken to the core. However, know that you are in the centre of His hands. He will hold, shield and protect His servants.

The worship in those days will be so powerful that the angels of God will encamp around the building in wonder. Children and young people will not look to a band or a worship leader to lead them. The praise and worship will be spontaneous, flowing out of hearts of love and devotion to God.

In those days, musicians and singers will open their mouths but be overcome with glory and be unable to minister. However the worship will continue regardless. A preacher will get up to speak but be unable to open his mouth and yet people will still come to salvation. Then you will truly know that He is the Lord of Heaven, the Sovereign Lord, and He is a limitless, all powerful God.

Broadcasts of these services will played in homes, schools and even pubs and as soon as young people – children and teenagers come on screen, testifying to the works of God, people will turn to the Saviour.

This will not just be about one youth group or ministry, neither will there be one preacher known as the leader of the revival. Instead, men and women of like-minded spirit will gather together and there will be services of this kind, held for young people up and down the land. These will initially be held in churches and as they are outgrown will transition into theatres and public halls. Eventually the largest stadiums and auditoriums in the land will hold these mass gatherings of children and teenagers who are hungry for God.

Out of this generation of young people God will raise up mighty intercessors. There prayers will have so much authority and be so in-line with His Spirit that the prayers of this generation will influence cities, governments and even nations.

I believe the Spirit of God is urging senior pastors and leaders to think carefully who they place in charge of their children’s and youth’s programmes. Do not just appoint people who can run a meeting for young people, but look to strategically place revivalists over your youth and children’s programmes who can prepare this generation for the move of God’s Spirit and help steward and father what God is going to do. These personnel and staffing decisions are absolutely essential. I believe the Lord is saying it is a time for a strategic assembling and positioning of my generals who are being brought into position for such a time as this.

I believe the Lord is urging youth pastors and children’s pastors – prepare this generation for what I am going to do. You are not running a programme for young people – you are spearheading a revival. The preaching of My Word and what you preach is the essential part of this preparation. You must preach hunger, you must preach purity, you must impart the fire of God.


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