The Missing Key

I feel I have a prophetic word for somebody today, the Lord just spoke to me and felt like I had to share. Several weeks ago I lost the spare key to my car and couldn’t find it anywhere. That car is being sold today and the new owner insisted on having the spare key. Faced with the prospect of knocking loads of money from the agreed price I was in a panic and looked all over the house and couldn’t find it anywhere. Last night as I went to bed I just prayed and said “Lord, you know where that key is, you need to tell me”. As soon as I woke up, the Lord told me where it was, in a very very obscure place, but I picked it up straight away. The lesson – I worried and stressed and couldn’t find that key, but as soon as I prayed, the key was there. Easy.

Here is what God said – many of my people are faced with closed doors, they are hammering on the door trying to get it to open and are begging for the keys. Others once knew what it was to live with the open door but now all doors have closed and there is a panic that the keys seem to have been lost. There are keys that open up doors to finance, ministry opportunities, family being saved, marriages being restored. There are keys to abundance, joy, peace and deliverance. For church leaders there are keys to new buildings, keys to your city and community. For evangelists there are keys to nations, regions and miracles. As long as you stress, panic, strategise and try to find the key to your breakthrough in your own strength, the way will remain hidden. But in my presence, keys are found. The key to your breakthrough, the key to your open door. For the Lord says “I am the One who holds the key of David, what I open no one can shut and what I shut no one can open”. The name David means “Beloved”. As you walk in the reality of being the Beloved of God, as you embrace your identity as His Bride, as you rest, enjoy and abide in His presence, and live in the simplicity of being a lover of Jesus, it is in that place that keys are found. Christ still gives the keys to the kingdom to His Church, but not the Church that walks in the flesh, but the Church that walks in the Spirit.

I see in the Spirit, keys, lost keys, abandoned keys, keys long forgotton, but keys ready to be found and put into locks that will open with ease to those who have the keys. There is a door of blessing, a door of breakthrough, a door of destiny and Christ has the keys. The Lord urges His people to go back to His presence, back to the place of prayer and fasting, back to the intimacy of worship, become His beloved and find and pick up the keys He intends for you to ha

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