The Glorious Homecoming

It is finished came the victory cry

From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky

Man of sorrows with nowhere to lay His head

He’s going home, He’s going home


Seated in glory at the Father’s side

Elders prostrate fall, angels in adoration sing

Heaven explodes in worship and praise

Crowned with many crowns, worthy is He

It was a homecoming, a glorious homecoming


It is finished came the sorrowful cry

From the father’s house, to the pig sty, it’s time to return

Lost, alone, discraced, ashamed

He’s going home, he’s going home


Restored once again to the father’s side

The son prostrate falls, the father in celebration clings

The house explodes with music and song

Robed in fine linen, forgiven is he

It was a homecoming, a glorious homecoming


One day it will finish comes the churches cry

From the earth to the sky to the city above

No more wandering, no more groaning

We’re going home, we’re going home


One day we will stand at the Father’s side

Crowns cast down, as the bride now sings

The thrown room explodes with the song of the saints

For they are with Jesus, awesome is He

It’s a homecoming, a glorious homecoming


My home has no sickness, my home has no tears

My home has no pain, my home has no fears

This earth is not my home, this world is not my home

My home is with Jesus, my home is with Him

Jesus take me home

Jesus I’m coming home

Jesus – I am home