A few thoughts on resurrection:

1. Resurrection is a person!
Resurrection is not an event or merley a force or power – its is a living person – and His name is Jesus!

a) Jesus is the champion of life!
No one took Jesus’ life from Him – He had the power to lay it down and the power to take it back up again! Jesus is alive! There is an empty cross and an empty grave! It was impossible for death to hold Him! The Bible tells us “death has been swallowed up in victory”. “Where Oh death is your sting?” Jesus has declared “it is finished!” He has crushed the serpants head and holds the keys of death in His hands! Hallelujah!

b) Jesus is the giver of life!
3 times it is recorderd that Jesus raised people from the dead – this showed His complete mastery over death! The lesser kingdom must always submit to the greater – the Kingdom of life always overcomes the kingdom of darkness! Jesus is still the giver of life “The Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it” (John 5) We were once dead in tresspass and sins – but Jesus gave us eternal life, abundant life, and raised us up as sons of God!

c) Jesus is the source of life!
It is the Son who created all things, and the Son who sustains all things by His mighty Word! He is the source of our life – as we abide in Him, rivers of living water flow from within us!

2. Resurrection is a future hope!
This is the glorious hope of the Christian, that because Jesus rose again, so will we. When that happens there will be:

a) a transformation!
We will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. We shall become like Him in His resurrection body, and shall live in the fullness of His presence and glory!

b) a reunion
We shall be joined by all the Old Testmanent saints – Elijah, Daniel, David, Moses etc; all the New Testament saints – Paul, Peter, John etc; the heroes of the church age – Wigglesworth, Khulman, Booth, Wesley etc; plus all our loved ones who died knowing Jesus! Together we shall worship round the throne of God!

c) we shall see Jesus!
The One we have loved and served – we shall see Him, the nail scares, the wonder, the glory – what a day! And we shall never part as we follow the lamb for all eternity!

3. Resurrection is a present reality
In John 11, Martha believed that the resurrection was a future event only. But Jesus assured her that she could experience resurrection power today, because He was there! We don’t have to wait till Jesus comes again to experience resurrection. Jesus is already here by His Spirit, so resurrection life is ours now!

a) Resurrection life is a fruitful life!
God wants a church that is alive! He wants to breathe life into the dry bones and raise us up to fulfill our destiny as a warrior bride, full of miracles, life, power, joy and salvation!

b) Resurrection life is a victorious life!
The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of us! We have been filled with power from on high! That means we should be walking in victory over the devil and all his works!

c) Resurrection life is a superntural life!
We owe the world an encounter with God! The time of excuses is over, now is the time for miracles, mighty demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and power, evidence that the Kingdom of God is within us! Jesus has said “greater works” are for us!

Its time to take off the grave clothes, arise and shine and be all we can be for His glory!