Biblical apostles:

1. Did not gather people to themselves or their network but were rather sent to people (apostle means one who is sent not one who gathers) – Acts 16v9


2. Did not demand authority over churches but rather gave their authority away to local church leaders (Acts 14v23)

3. Was not a distant, mysterious figure who was never seen or heard from, but rather fathers who were in deep close relationship with those they considered spiritual children (1 Tim 1v2)

4. Didn’t demmand money from the church but rather gave money to the church (2 Corin 8v9)

5. More than being great administrators, apostles were men of prayer who moved in signs and wonders (2 Corin 12v12)

6. Were not seen as Christian celebrities but rather the scum of the earth (1 Corin 6v13)

7. Didn’t see the church as an organisation that they were the CEO of, but rather the bride of Christ that they had been entrusted with (2 Corin 11v28)